The Wisest Way of Avoiding Tire Repair

September 29, 2007

One of the usual problems vehicle owners encounter is having a flat tire. It is a common scenario — a driver putting the car to a stop, going out of the car to check the tires, and finding out that one of the tires is…well, flat.

Having a single defective tire is a major headache for any motorist. What most flat tire victims do is take their vehicle to the nearest mechanic shop just for a single tire replacement. However, if the flat tire victim is a little wiser, he’ll make use of the spare tire he prepared and replace the defective one on his own.

On the other hand, here at auto mechanic blog, vehicle owners are encouraged to learn not just how to repair an out of order auto part but also to prevent the root cause of the repair. The wisest way of putting off a patch up is to have efficient auto tire maintenance.

But before you can absolutely give the tires of your vehicle the right kind of maintenance, you should know the fundamentals of auto tires. Tires are the auto parts designed to shield and improve the wheels of your vehicle. Tires are necessary in the operation of every vehicle. These parts are the ones that endow the vehicles with grip, steering, load support, and braking. These enclosures should be adequately filled with compressed air in order to function appropriately. In addition to this, tires must be properly pumped up with air for it to be a supple pad sandwiched between the road and the automobile. With this, the tires help even out shock to maintain a comfy driving experience.

Knowing the importance of the tires of your vehicles, you must exert every effort to keep these auto parts always in an ultimate working condition. Here are a few things you should remember in caring for your auto tires:

  • Rotating the tires of your vehicle every time you change oil or every five to six miles drive of the vehicle is advisable.

  • You must conduct check-up for your tires prior to a long road trip. Moreover, make sure that you bring well-inflated spare tires just in case one of the tires wears out on the way.

  • Upholding the durability of the tires of your vehicle is a major part of vehicle maintenance. Maintain sturdy tires by using tire sunscreen products that protect tires from the undesirable effects of too much sunlight exposure.

  • Do not be contented with a temporary repair for your tires. Temporary fix like tire plug does not guarantee a long security for your vehicle. There are certain substances used in the temporary fix that may eventually fail, making the vehicle prone to various road hazards.


Maintaining Your Headlight Covers

September 27, 2007

Among the very important auto parts are its headlights. You will definitely not be able to get through a dark rainy night of driving without these auto parts to light up the road ahead. Headlights are the lights positioned at the front corners of your car. They play a crucial part in ensuring the safety of everyone on board. If you are a well-informed motorist, you certainly know that land transportation rules include a prohibition of driving without a pair of functional headlights. This rule is a response to the many vehicular accidents that result from driving without sufficient lighting.

Knowing how important the headlight of your vehicle is, you can absolutely say that this auto part truly deserves to be taken care of. One thing you can do as a caring vehicle owner is to provide sturdy headlight covers for your headlights.

What is a Headlight Cover for?

The headlight cover basically protects the headlight from various road particles that can cause your headlight to malfunction. Dust, mud, and street rocks that penetrate the headlights may damage the internal system of the auto part. In view of this, it is very essential that headlights are equipped with a protective covering. Headlight covers also protect the lens of the headlight from scratches. This makes certain that the headlights give out strong lighting.

The Headlight cover also serves an aesthetic purpose. Since this auto part comes in various finishes, vehicle owners can modify the appearance of their vehicles by choosing a certain headlight cover style.

Despite being well-built, headlight covers have the tendency to wear away in due course. To lengthen the life of your headlight covers, it is necessary that you know how to maintain them, and part of headlight cover maintenance is definitely cleaning them.

headlight cover

The Right Way to Clean Headlight Covers

  • Damp the headlight cover.

  • Polish the whole cover with sandpaper of 1000 grit.

  • Wash the headlight cover thoroughly.

  • Polish the headlight cover again. This time, use sandpaper with 1500 grit.
  • To dry the headlight cover, scratch it with a rubbing material. Do this for at least 5 minutes.
  • Polish the headlight cover with a dry cloth.
  • Apply car wax to the headlight cover.
  • For replacement, go here for DISCOUNT AUTO PARTS and look for the headlight cover of your choice.

Cleaning seems a very simple task. However, the right way to do it is something that most vehicle owners fail to remember. This simple process is actually one of the things that keep auto parts and accessories working in good condition.

Radiator Hose Replacement

September 26, 2007

The radiator is beyond doubt an essential part of your vehicle. Fulfilling a crucial part in the cooling process of the automotive system, the auto radiator is something your vehicle can never afford to lose.

In order for your radiator to deliver its task effectively, it must be properly connected to the engine of your vehicle. The link that binds the engine and the radiator is an automotive component called radiator hose. This radiator device, which is usually rubber-made, comes in different types. Some of the most common types are the accordion hose, molded hose, and the ordinary radiator hose.

Every vehicle owner should know the importance of the radiator hose. When this auto part fails to function properly, the engine is likely to overheat. No matter how sturdy a radiator hose is, it will be subjected to deterioration sooner or later. In view of that, it is best to change your automobile’s radiator hose once every four years. It is also essential to bring them to the experts for regular assessment.

On the other hand, there are occasions when your radiator hose will malfunction despite your efforts to provide it with optimum maintenance. Breakage and leaks are some of the signs that should prompt you to replace your radiator hose. As an ordinary vehicle owner, you might suppose that replacing the radiator hose of your vehicle is something that should not be done alone. That is a common misconception. There are some automotive procedures that you can entrust to your own hands. Replacing the radiator hose is a process far from being complicated. You just have to gain mastery of its basics.

  1. In changing your radiator hose, the first thing you have to do is bleed dry your radiator from its existing coolant. Using your dependable pliers, let loose of the pet cock located at the bottom of the radiator.
  2. When you are certain that the radiator has been totally freed from the old coolant, do not forget to tighten once again the pet cock.
  3. After entirely removing the old coolant, you can start getting rid of your defective radiator hose. First, undo the clamps of your radiator hose. Afterward, move them toward the center of the radiator hose. Then lightly pull the hose.
  4. You need to grease the interior of your new radiator hose before you put them in place.
  5. Grasp the new radiator hose tightly as you fasten its clamps.
  6. Replenish the radiator system with new coolant.

After correctly following these six easy steps, you can be assured that your vehicle will not suffer from overheating due to a defective radiator hose. You don’t really have to see a professional mechanic just to have your radiator hose replaced.

Maintaining the Brakes of Your Automobiles

September 22, 2007

Slowing down or stopping your vehicle is very important.  When somebody suddenly crosses the street, it is very important that the driver cautiously stops the vehicle.  When the yellow traffic light is on, the driver should slow down.  These are just some of the many occasions wherein stopping and slowing down of automobiles are very crucial.

Stopping and slowing down the automobile are made possible by a very important automotive component — the auto brake.    How does the brake of your vehicle work?  There is definitely a system that allows the proper operation of the brakes. You need to press down the brake pedal to enable the vehicle to send out fluid to the brakes.  Subsequently, the brakes will put out force to the tires, and the tires will pass on the force to the road through friction. 

Since breaks are vital components of your automobile, it is just proper that you maintain them well.  Here are some helpful tips:

– Make certain that you do not drip or spray any lubricant on the surface of the brakes.  If by accident, oily substances dripped on the surface, get rid of it with a brake cleaner at once. 

– It is important to wash off brakes.  This prevents dirt particles to damage the device.

  Maintaining a repair record, which includes receipts, is advisable.  It is a great way of measuring how your vehicle brakes perform.  Moreover, it allows you to keep tract of the problems of your other auto devices.

– Remember to do away with air bubbles in the hydraulic system of your vehicle every time you replace the brake pads.  It is advised that the hydraulic fluid be changed whenever pads are changed.  Since this process is a little more complicated than other automotive procedures, it is ideal to do it with the assistance of a certified mechanic.

– When you replace the brake pads, you may also consider changing the rotors of your vehicle.  Usually, noise problems result from the condition of the vehicle’s brake pads.

-Make sure that your pad replacement is doe correctly.  The way you install your new pads greatly determines the performance of the brake system.  Be certain that you follow the instructions contained in the package of your new pads. 

Following these tips can help you attain an optimum brake system performance.  When your brake system is working efficiently, there is nothing to worry about your stopping and slowing down at any place, any time.

Basics of Tail Light Maintenance

September 21, 2007

Tail lights are one of the vital components of your vehicles. Also called tail lamps, the tail lights is a system that is composed of various types of lights that assume different functions. Here are two of the common tail lights found in your automobiles:

-The Reverse Lights – Reverse lights are utilized to light up the back of your automobile when you do the backing. Once you choose the reverse gear, the reverse lights will be turned on.

-The Turn Lights- These are the yellow lights that indicate the direction you intend to take. Moreover, you can also make use of the turn lights during emergency. Use it as a hazard light.

Tail lights are vital auto components.

Your driving experience will absolutely tell you that tail lights are indispensable parts of your automobile. Though it may not be as crucial in running the engine as auto radiators, these tail lights are still important components since they play a big part in maintaining safe driving.

Beyond doubt, the service of the tail lights of your vehicle is not perpetual. Whether you’ve prepared for it or not, these auto parts will certainly be in need of repair sooner or later. For that reason, it is essential that you know how to inspect the tail lights for damages. It is also helpful if you know the basics of tail light repairs.

Determining if your tail lights are defective is rather simple. The light they emit shall serve as your hint. Patching up damaged tail lights is also an easy process. You just have to master a few principles of tail light maintenance:

  • Bulbs have different ways of removal. Remember that not all bulbs can be easily pulled out. There are some types of bulbs that have to be rotated in order to be removed.
  • Fractures and burns are the usual problems that your tail lights may suffer. When the light filament is busted, you must immediately get a new bulb. Otherwise, the tail light may blow up because of the water vapor that was stocked inside the bulb.
  • Regular check of the electrical connections that make up your light bulb is a great way of detecting tail light defects. This can also guarantee better light emission. If you want to make the lights more intense, you just have to replace the single-filament bulbs with those that contain high power.



The E-Stores Offering Quality Auto Parts

September 19, 2007

As an auto mechanic (at least for your own car), you should know where to get the right auto parts for those vehicles. If you don’t have any auto part at hand, you’ll never be able to begin your duties as an auto mechanic. So the first crucial step is definitely getting those quality auto parts ready. Here’s a list of reliable online auto parts suppliers:


The cooling system of your vehicle’s engine definitely needs a quality radiator to disperse the heat produced by the engine. There are two ways of ensuring that your radiators are working in good condition. First, furnish them with radiators that are of superior quality. However, no matter how efficient a radiator is now, it will encounter mechanical defects sooner or later. So, the second way of ensuring a quality radiator is by having a defective radiator replaced. Whether it is a quality auto radiator you’re looking for or just a replacement, is the site that can absolutely help you. provides radiators for various car models such as Acura, Volvo, Toyota, Saab, Mitsubishi, Lexus, and Mercedes. This e-store also offers free shipping, making every purchase of auto radiator truly reasonable.



If you’re dearest Jaguar vehicle suddenly breaks down because of problem in one of its parts, you need not worry. is an online auto parts store offering various sorts of jaguar parts. Purchasing auto parts through this e-shop is certainly more practical than going directly to auto shops. You’ll definitely benefit a lot from it. First, there is a fast delivery of Jaguar parts. You can be sure that you’ll receive the package you bought the very same day you placed your order. For your convenience, is also open 24 times a day 7 days a week. Moreover, this e-store offers valued customers a lot of great discounts, and free shipping for orders that are at least worth 50 dollars.



Original Nissan parts sold at significant discounts are what is very proud of. But aside from the discounts, this e-store helps educate vehicle owners. From Nissan cargo liners to Nissan radiator hose, provides customers with the right information about different Nissan parts. Moreover, the site features news about Nissan automobiles.



If your automobile is a Cherokee or a CJ, you’re probably always having trouble in finding quality Jeep parts. is an online auto parts shop that can definitely take away your worries. It offers sturdy jeep parts at very reasonable prices. Furthermore, it provides information about each jeep part it sells.



Searching for Auto Parts Online

September 18, 2007

Though you shelled out an extremely big amount to buy your brand new vehicle, the time will definitely come when it has to undergo repair. In due course, the various parts of your precious automobile will face different kinds of deterioration. Bearing this in mind, you will realize that maintaining your automobile also entails the thorough process of having to replace every malfunctioning auto part. To match the performance of your automobile, you must make certain that the replacement you get is also of high quality.

Gone were the days when you still have to personally visit an auto part shop just to buy a few devices for your out of order automobile. In this modern world, a lot of vehicle owners and mechanics have learned an easier way of purchasing auto parts. If you are looking for Nissan parts, you need not hurry to get to the nearest Nissan auto parts depot. There are various stores online that offer great discounts for quality Nissan parts.

the fun of buying online

How Does an Online Auto Parts Shop Work?

Online auto part shopping is the trend in the modern world of automobile owners and mechanics. It is basically a process of buying the auto parts you need through the Internet. No need to leave home. Even by just sitting in front of your computer, you can purchase a new Nissan headlight cover or a Jaguar head gasket. You just have to scout for a great online auto part shop. Also called e-shop, e-store, and online store, the online auto part shop offers a vast array of auto parts and accessories. Certainly, just a few clicks on your mouse today will allow you to safely obtain those jeep parts you purchased in just a couple of days.

Some Advantages of Buying Online

You actually benefit a lot from making an online purchase of auto parts. Online shopping not only saves your energy but also your money.


Not many brick-and-mortar auto parts stores regularly offer great discounts. This is not the case in online auto parts stores, which regularly present great price cuts. Because of the discounts offered, you can save a few dollars in buying that Jaguar brake pad with the same excellent quality.

Reasonable Delivery Price

The shipping fee of most online auto parts stores is less expensive. There are some that even offer free shipping. If the Nissan parts or jeep parts you purchased are in big quantities, the online auto parts store may no longer charge you with shipment fee.

So in buying those jeep parts, Nissan mufflers or Jaguar spark plugs, choose the more convenient way. Every vehicle owner should know how to make the right online auto parts purchase.