What You Need to Remember about Good Old Carburetors

September 12, 2007

A traditional method of fuel delivery is carried out through an old automotive essential called the carburetor, more popularly known as carb. Carbs are famous until the middle of 1980s.

Nowadays, most vehicles are equipped with the more advanced fuel-injected engines. On the other hand, there are still some automobiles that make use of the good old carburetors. And indeed, these auto devices of the early years still possess downright significance in the operation of certain automobiles. For this reason, it is still essential for mechanics, vehicle owners, and drivers like you understand the principle behind every carburetor. This is a good starting point in detecting the problems of your vehicle’s carb.

Basically, the carburetor is the device that provides the appropriate composition of air and fuel to the engine of your automobile. Once this auto part fails to function correctly, your vehicle will experience the horrible condition of having reduced gas mileage and stinking exhaust.


The Caburetor

Be familiar with the Venturi Principle

If you want to completely understand how a carburetor works, you have to know the Venturi Principle by heart. The principle states that if air passes across an opening, a void will generate in that opening. The carburetor of your vehicle works that way. There are various openings distinctly placed across it. These openings are attached to the carburetor bowl. The float and needle valve makes certain that this bowl is always filled with fuel. This valve and float stops the passage of pressurized fuel that was propelled by the fuel pump. Its operation is similar to that of the toilet tank valve.

Determining Outcomes

Once you know how a carburetor actually works, it is important that you learn how to analyze its defects based on its working principle. Bear in mind that when the engine turns cold, it will fail to function properly. In this case, more fuel must be added to the air-fuel composition. To carry out this task, you will need an automotive mechanism called choke. When this device is shut, it limits the air that goes into the top of the carburetor, even if the throttle permits the usual amount of air to run through the bottom. This leads to a lesser amount of air but normal amount of fuel in the engine.

Learning the basics will definitely allow you to know the solutions to simple auto problems. Carburetors may be old, but learning about them can still save you from a lot of automotive hassles.