Starting Problems of Jeep Cherokee

October 30, 2007

Why would your Jeep Cherokee not start when it is not that old yet?

Jeep Cherokee is in fact one of the most dependable compact sport utility vehicles in the market today. For this reason, you would really find it very difficult to accept that your 1997 Cherokee model will have starting problems at such an early stage. Is there something wrong with one of your Truck Parts?

Picture this scenario. Four months after you bought your Jeep Cherokee, you experienced problem in starting the vehicle. While working on the jeep brakes and leaving the lights on for a time, the battery of your jeep died.

Usually, when such is the case, vehicle owners are prompted to take the battery and have it tested right away. Even if the battery is only a year old, there is a big possibility for this problem to occur.


Jeep Cherokee

What are the Signs?

Of course, your jeep battery did not just die without a problem. Even before a total breakdown, your jeep will show signs that there is indeed something wrong with it. Here are the things you must check on:

  • Do you have a hard time starting your Jeep Cherokee? Is it slow to start? Does it take more than five seconds to start?
  • Does your jeep lights dim whenever you try to start the jeep?
  • Does your jeep make a strange sound whenever you try to start it? Is there a snapping sound?
  • Are the fixed radio stations removed whenever you try to start the jeep?

What to Do?

If your answers to all the questions above are mostly YES, then you need to do something to prevent possible full collapse of your Jeep Cherokee’s battery. The best thing that you can do is have your jeep undergo a starter test because it is really possible that the amount of current obtained by the starter of your jeep is actually greater than the amount that the battery can provide. So you have to check whether or not your starter is getting just the right amount of current. The ideal starter current draw is in fact 125 to 200 amps.

In addition, check on the size of your Jeep Cherokee’s battery. Yes, even the size of the battery matters. It should be, at any rate, 550 CCA.

It is also important to make certain that the battery stations are always fixed and uncontaminated.

You also need to check the charging system of your Jeep Cherokee. The ideal current released must be approximately 75 amps at 1250 rpm or 90 amps at 1250 rpm.

Even if your battery looks fine on the outside, it does not mean that nothing is wrong with it. There might be a break inside the system. There are times when the link between the batt post and the batt plates rupture. This breakage causes an irregular problem when it comes to starting your Jeep Cherokee. So, examine most especially the internal part of your battery.

Your Jeep Cherokee does not have any supernatural power, so don’t expect it to work perfectly throughout its existence. Even if it’s made of tough jeep components, it will develop certain defects in the long run. So, the only ways to keep it running efficiently are good jeep maintenance, early detection of problems, and immediate repair.

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How to Detect Problems with Your Jaguar Auto with Manual Transmission

October 25, 2007

There are quite a few strong points that make it great to own a Jaguar automobile with manual transmission. First, the price to pay in a manual transmission Jaguar auto is, beyond doubt, lower than the cost of an automatic Jaguar. The second point has something to do with durability. Many experienced vehicle owners can truly attest that Jaguars with manual transmissions are really tough automobiles. Lastly, manual Jaguars are more exciting to drive than automatic vehicles. Although it can be exhausting to use a manual Jaguar in city driving, a lot of motorists love to take this type of vehicle because it gives them greater power in operating the power train of the vehicle.

The greatness of a manual transmission Jaguar cannot be denied. The quality Jaguar components and other extra features make this automobile a great catch. On the other hand, this type of automobile can give vehicle owners certain problems. The three main concerns owners of Jaguar automobiles with manual transmissions have to deal with are the following:

  • Problem with shift linkage – The problem must have something to do with conked out or misaligned cables, damaged release bearing or a leaky hydraulic cylinder.
  • Problem with the Jaguar clutch – This can be a result of a tattered or tripping clutch.
  • Problem with the gear box – When there is a problem with the gear box, don’t be surprised if busted shift forks, defective synchronizers, wrecked gears or worn out bearings exist.

Here are some guidelines on determining if there’s something wrong with the Jaguar manual transmission:

ü Don’t panic with a single change in the sound of your Jaguar vehicle. You cannot exactly figure out the problem with your transmission by just observing strange vehicle sounds. Only an actual test drive can tell you whether or not your Jaguar vehicle has a problem.

ü Observe the changes in the strange sound of your Jaguar. If the sound keeps on changing, there must be a problem with the release bearing of your auto. If you really want to know where the noise is coming from, you need to apply the brakes and put the gear to neutral. Then, start the Jaguar engine.

ü Bear in mind that the croaking noises produced by your Jaguar whenever the clutch is operated indicate a problem in the transmission input shaft bearing.

ü When you press the clutch pedal and you hear a shrieking sound, you need to examine the pilot bearing. There must be something wrong with it.

ü A faulty release bearing can also be detected by observing the sound that will be produced when the pedal is gradually pressed.

ü Another problem that you may encounter with a manual transmission a defective fork ball contact point. Observe if there is a short, sharp sound that is quite similar to the chirping of birds produced each time your Jaguar gear is shifted to neutral. If this sound leaves when you gradually step on the pedal, it means that something is wrong with the fork ball contact point of your automobile.

ü If there are strange sounds while your Jaguar is running, it is most likely that there is a setback with the gears within the transmission.

ü When you shift to a different gear and there is a very evident pounding sound, you must prepare for a possible gear synchronizer replacement.

ü If the shift linkage of your Jaguar is twisted or if the shift cable is not working, the transmission of your Jaguar will definitely caught in gear.

ü If there is a strange noise produced in shifting to all the gear levels, the worn shaft bearings of your Jaguar must be in danger. It is also possible that the level of oil in the gear box is already low.

ü If your transmission suddenly leaps beyond gears, you have to be extra careful. There are a lot of possible causes for this defect. Here are some of them: out of order motor mount,baggy clutch housing, worn out input shaft bearings, crooked, wobbly shift linkage, slack shifter fork or rails, conked out or misplaced interlock hardware, too much end play in the output shaft, damaged tapered gear teeth and synchronizer hub splines.

ü When the transmission is shifted to any gear and the Jaguar vehicle does not respond, it is either the CV joint may be defective or the drive gear may be peeled.

With these effective ways of detecting vehicle problems, you need not worry about driving a Jaguar auto with manual transmission. Maintenance and early detection of defects are all you need to completely enjoy your Jaguar auto.

Maintaining the Quality of Jeep Wheels

October 23, 2007

Rough road conditions can certainly affect the performance of your jeep. Getting into a great mud, for instance, can cause your jeep a lot of trouble. Your various jeep parts can suffer serious damages if some harmful elements enter the system. After some time, you may experience a forceful unsteady movement from someplace in the power train of your vehicle. This shaky movement can indicate three things. First, the tremble may be a result of a twisted jeep wheel. Second, one of the wheel balancing weights might be bumped off on the track. Lastly, the unsteady movement might be due to a mud that was jammed to one of your wheels.

Driving through a road with terrible condition has, beyond doubt, a lot of downsides. In fact, many of the problems that jeep owners complain of started with a simple mud being trapped to one of the most important jeep parts, the wheels. On the other hand, driving through a pile of dirt is something that is so difficult to avoid. Whether you like it or not, your automobile has to go through a lot of mud battles throughout its existence. All you can do to at least prevent it from being damaged is to clean it right after each tough-road drive. So here are some tips on giving your jeep some pampering that will help maintain its performance after a long day of mud exposure:

ü Don’t hesitate on spending a few dollars to give your jeep a high pressure spray. While the mud on your jeep wheels are still soggy, have it immediately cleaned.

ü If the high pressure bath is not effective, it means that your jeep obtained a more serious damage. This should not cause you to panic though. What’s needed here is just a MAJOR cleansing of the lower portion of your jeep. There might be a deposit of impure substances on the wheels and hubs. So start a full-blown cleaning.


jeep on rough road

ü Your major cleaning should start with taking the jeep wheel off. Afterward, you can scrub the inside of the jeep wheel. Make sure to do away with any substance stuck to it.

ü Check your tires and wheels carefully. The mud experience might have caused certain damages to the tires and wheels. Look for cracks, pierces, bends, and scratches.

ü Beware of rocks that might have been left on your wheels and tires. These elements may eventually cause your tires to be deflated.

ü Having finished cleaning the hubs, tires, and wheels of your jeep, you can then put the wheels back in place.

After thoroughly cleaning your jeep wheels, you may notice that your jeep is a lot lighter. The stack of mud that was trapped in your wheels causes vehicle imbalance. This is one of the causes of jeep defects that you need to keep away from. So always remember that though you can never stay away from rough road conditions, you can always maintain your jeep’s quality by pampering it with meticulous cleaning.

Air Filter Replacement

October 19, 2007

The air filter of your Nissan takes a very important part in preventing your automobile from sending out discharges that are harmful to the environment.  Without this air intake device, the engine system will not be able to release clean air.  The role of the Nissan air filter is to sift air elements that enter the system.  This also helps prevent the walls, cylinders and pistons of the engine from being damaged.  In addition, this vital Nissan part helps in keeping the crankcase and the airflow sensor clean by catching pollutants like water vapor, fuel, and oil.

Since Nissan air filters perform significant tasks in the operation of your vehicle, its defect will certainly adversely affect your Nissan car’s performance.  The usual problem that motorists encounter is a congested air filter.  When your Nissan air filter is clogged, there is a large tendency that the gas mileage of your car will suffer.  Moreover, you Nissan car will lose some of the power it needs whenever its air filter becomes congested.  In view of these, it is important that you have a defective air filter replaced right away.  But in doing so, be sure to exactly follow the proper steps.  Wrong replacement procedure can only make the condition of your Nissan worse. 

Step 1: Carefully open the housing of your air filter.

Safely open the Nissan hood and look for the housing of the air filter. Usually, the housing is case made of black plastic.  Its sides are filled with clips made of metal.
Turn these metal clips downward. There are some cases that the clips are fastened too tight.  If this happens, you’ll just need a screwdriver to help you open the housing.

Moreover, remember that there are housings that contain nuts that cling to them.  If you choose to take away the nuts on top of the housing, just be certain that you do not lose them.   They are still needed in installing the new air filter.

Step 2: Take the old Nissan air filter away.

The position of the air filter in the housing is very important.  It will determine whether or not your air filter will function effectively.  Therefore, before you remove the old air filter, you need to remember its exact position in the housing.  After you took careful notice of the filter placement, gently remove the old Nissan air filter.

Step 3: Properly set up the new Nissan air filter.

Now try to remember the exactly how the old filter rests on the housing.  Place the new Nissan air filter in a position exactly the same as that of the old one. 

You’re probably thinking that air filter replacement is very easy, and yes it is!  It’s as easy as these three simple steps. However, removing an old filter and setting up a new one would not be effective enough if you do not know how to do it the right way. 

When is it Time to Replace your BMW Oxygen Sensor ?

October 17, 2007

Positioned at the exhaust area of your car, the BMW oxygen sensor keeps an eye on the amount of oxygen contained by the exhaust gas. It sends a signal to the computer system of your BMW whenever the oxygen and fuel mixture is too rich or too lean. The computer system, subsequently, controls the air and fuel mixture to lessen your BMW’s emissions.

Why is It Important to Avoid Lean and Rich Air-Fuel Mixture?

The BMW oxygen sensor is one of the indispensable automotive components that help execute an effective combustion for your BMW. Combustion is the process of burning gasoline. This is a vital process that enables your vehicle to run efficiently. Oxygen is an element the BMW engine can’t do without. If there is no oxygen, gasoline will not be burned. If there is too little oxygen, the combustion will not be complete. Insufficient amount of oxygen leads to a rich air and fuel mixture, which is definitely a cause of pollution. On the contrary, having too much oxygen in the engine during combustion will bring about a lean mixture of air and fuel. This kind of mixture also negatively affects the operation of the gas engine.

Until When Can the BMW Oxygen Sensor Last?

In the long run, the quality of your BMW oxygen sensor will decrease. Of course, like other auto parts, the oxygen sensor is exposed to impurities resulting from the gas burning process. This causes the oxygen sensor’s performance to eventually dwindle. Its fast capacity to act in response to the alterations in the air and fuel mixture decelerates. In addition to this, the output voltage of your BMW oxygen sensor may plummet in due course. This will result to flawed assessment of the condition of the air and fuel mixture.

At the same time, the sensor’s output voltage may not be as high as it once was, giving the false impression that the air/fuel mixture is leaner than it actually is. The result can be a richer-than-normal air/fuel mixture under various operating conditions that causes fuel consumption and emissions to rise.

When Must You Replace BMW Oxygen Sensor?

Since your oxygen sensor’s quality is reduced as it is constantly used, it is important to replace it. The question is…WHEN? When is the time to change old oxygen sensor? How do you know that your BMW oxygen sensor needs to be replaced? Here are two options:

Check out the light that indicates oxygen sensor change. This is rather easy for vehicle owners whose automobiles have a defective-o2sensor-warning light. But unfortunately, most cars are not equipped with such kind of indicator. So if this is your case, just try Option # 2.

Observe the output voltage of your BMW oxygen sensor. If your output voltage matches up with the condition of your air and fuel mixture, then your oxygen sensor is still functioning well.

Remember: High output voltage = rich mixture Low output voltage = lean mixture

Once you discover that your BMW oxygen sensor is not working properly, replace it immediately. Do not wait for it to totally break down. Oxygen sensor replacement as maintenance should be done within appropriate mileage intervals:

  • Unheated oxygen sensors on 1976 to early 1990s vehicles

Recommended Mileage Replacement Interval: Every 30,000 – 50,000 miles

  • Heated (1st generation) oxygen sensors on mid-1980s to mid-1990s vehicles

Recommended Mileage Replacement Interval: Every 60,000 miles

  • Heated (2nd generation) oxygen sensors on mid-1990s and newer vehicles

Recommended Mileage Replacement Interval: Every 100,000 miles

Source: Autohaus Arizona

2007 Lexus GX 470: A Great Blend of Comfort and Tough Performance

October 10, 2007


Lexus, the luxury division of Toyota Motor Corporation, looks into the mind of a vehicle owner in this ultra-modern world we are living in. That is why it continues to produce vehicle models that perfectly fit the needs of many motorists. One of these latest vehicle models of Lexus is the 2007 Lexus GX 470. Initially intended for use of families that are always on the go, this Lexus automobile is engineered to have a sense of balance between comfort and performance.

a great adventure vehicle

Auto Mechanic blog knows that learning some facts about vehicles will, without doubt, significantly assist vehicle owners in their efforts to maintain the condition of their automobiles. So for the many adventure-seeking, relationship-oriented vehicle owners, this article will definitely be a great help.

The GX 470 Model of Lexus

Intended exclusively for North American consumers, this mid-size sport utility vehicle was first released as a 2003 Lexus model in November 2002. The Lexus GX 470 boasts of both a tough exterior and a comfy interior. The exterior of this sport utility vehicle has a framed body similar to those of armed and commercial trucks. It has features such as dual-speed transfer and locking center differential that are important factors in maintaining the durability of the automobile. Its interior, on the other hand, is rather the opposite. Spacious, calm and comfortable are the main attributes of the inside of the Lexus GX 470. With leather seats and a number of technologically advanced on-board entertainment gadgets, passengers certainly find pleasure in every long drive.

The Improved Infotainment System of the 2007 Lexus GX 470

Lexus must have been so proud of the enhancements made on the 2007 version of the Lexus GX 470. With the desire to keep automobiles abreast with the changing needs of motorists, Lexus squeezed out all possible means of improving the entertainment and information features of the 2007 Lexus GX 470. In view of that, the 2007 version is equipped with up-to-the-minute DVD structure that includes a 9-inch monitor that has a wide format. In addition to that, music players like iPods can be conveniently connected to the entertainment system of the vehicle through input jacks.

Lexus GX 470 Infotainment System

A Powerful Adventure Vehicle

– Power: 196 kW, 263 HP SAE @ 5,400 rpm; 323 ft lb, 438 Nm @ 3,400 rpm

– 4,664 cc 4.7 liters V 8 front engine with 94 mm bore, 84 mm stroke, 10 compression ratio, double overhead cam, variable valve timing/camshaft and four valves per cylinder 2UZ-FE

– 23 gallon main premium unleaded fuel tank

– Multi-point injection fuel system

– Premium unleaded fuel 91

For an adventure-seeking vehicle owner to completely enjoy his road trips, his automobile must always be in an optimum running condition. For that reason, the outstanding road performance offered by the 2007 Lexus GX 470 is what he needs. This luxury vehicle will definitely not turn its back on the challenges of traveling on rough terrain. It boasts of Lexus parts and systems that make certain its capability to run smoothly in any condition.

Asking proof of this automobile’s power? Get anything as heavy as 6,500 pounds and make this luxury automobile do the pulling. Indeed, this is not impossible with a power as brawny as 196 kW, 263 HP SAE @ 5,400 rpm; 323 ft lb , 438 Nm @ 3,400 rpm. Moreover, the automatic transmission of this vehicle endows drivers with more improved gearing.

For a Safe and Quiet Drive

Another great thing about this automobile is the excellent performance of the Lexus brakes. Having sound brakes is very important in every drive. If a vehicle owner is on a road rip with his family, the safety of the drive would be the most essential thing for him. With brakes that are easy to control, the vehicle owner can somehow be assured of smooth and safe stopping slowing down during the trip.

Though tough on the exterior and the performance, the 2007 Lexus GX 470 is guaranteed to run as quietly and smoothly as possible through its 4,664 cc 4.7 liters V 8 front Lexus engine. The sound of this sport utility vehicle will not give a hint that it is actually running at high speed.

These are just some of the things that can be learned about the 2007 Lexus GX 470. As a whole, it is a wonderful combination of tough, rugged exterior and cozy interior. This great blend can make a vibrant vehicle owner truly satisfied.

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Know Thy Car: Some Facts about the 2007 BMW 328i Sedan

October 6, 2007

The BMW 3 Series is something that auto mechanics, car enthusiasts, and vehicle owners from all over the world laid eyes on. Offering motorists several models of entry-level luxury vehicles since 1975, the BMW 3 series has been one of the most acclaimed names in the automotive sphere. Until today, this BMW product continues to earn the approval of many motorists. And for this year, a lot of vehicle buffs are into the 2007 328i, the entry-level automobile of BMW that is available in sedan, coupe, sport wagon, and convertible.

The 2007 BMW 328i Sedan

Most of you might be among the many who now own an elegant BMW 328i sedan. Here at Auto Mechanic, it is believed that part of effective car maintenance is knowing a lot about the automobile. So with that mind, some facts about the new model of BMW will certainly be helpful. Even if you don’t own one yet, getting a few details won’t hurt. Who knows? You might even want to get one after reading this.

the 2007 BMW 32i exterior

The BMW 328i sedan is the most popular type among the BMW 328i autos. In general, I find this automobile impressive because of three important things. First, this automobile owns innovative and heavy duty BMW parts that all pave the way for a superior BMW drivability. Moreover, this luxury sedan surprisingly comes in a price that many average earners can certainly meet the expense of. Lastly, it boasts of specs that can keep motorists confident of a maintained high auto performance.

Great Driving Experience Because of Efficient BMW Parts

Among the things that lift the quality of the 2007 BMW 328i high are the automotive components it is equipped with. The parts of this automobile are designed to ensure the safety of people on board. Some of these safety auto devices are the electronic stability control, protective airbags, and antilock disk brakes. Moreover, the 328i has control systems that boost automobile efficiency such as the dual-zone climate and dynamic cruise control systems. In addition to these, it has a BMW headlight that operates automatically and authentic leather seats that give the vehicle interior a classic look.

A Price You Can Afford

This luxury sedan costs only about more than 33,000 dollars. For a vehicle that possesses excellent features, this price is definitely just reasonable. Furthermore, this amount of dollar can already cover destination fee.

Impressive Engine Specs

3.0L 230 hp I6

Horsepower 230 @ 6500 RPM

Torque (lb-ft) 200 @ 2750 RPM

Valves/Valve Configuration 24/DOHC

Displacement (cc) 2996

Bore X Stroke (in.) 3.35 X 3.46

Compression Ratio 10.7:1

Fuel Type/System Gas/EFI

Turbocharger No

Supercharger No

Having a 3L 6-cylinder engine that operates on 230 horsepower, any driver can be confident that his BMW 328i will not fail him in any of his driving experiences. This power-packed set of BMW engine features guarantees a truly dynamic automobile.

The BMW 328i Downside

The 2007 BMW 328i, as a whole, would beyond doubt astonish any motorist. On the other hand, like any other automobile, this BMW also has its share of negative attributes. The slip-ups of this car, though minor, must still be revealed to its passionate owners and avid admirers. First, its seat belts, which are among the important safety features of a car, are not flexible. Sizes of passengers vary so it is very inconvenient for them to still have to adjust the seat itself just to be comfortable with the seat belt. Furthermore, the cup holders that are intended for the convenience of the passengers fail to fulfil their tasks since they do not have enough room for the American standard size of cups.

Knowing some basics about your BMW 328i will certainly make you a proud owner. You’re one lucky motorist who grabbed the chance to own an auto with excellent features. With that, your car’s maintenance should be one of your priorities. If you still don’t own one, knowing these things wouldn’t hurt. It might even inspire you to be a proud owner someday.