Changing Brake Pads

September 8, 2007

Brake pads are one of the components in your car that always have to be checked. This is because they easily succumb to wear and tear problems because of the heat they generate through friction. When this happens, you would need to immediately replace them with new ones as driving without it is like waiting for a road accident to happen. But replacing brake pads need not be done by professional mechanics as you can do them yourself. This will even save you from labor costs. These steps will guide you through easy replacement of old brake pads.

First, be sure to park your car in a leveled surface and engage the parking brakes. Do not worry as this will not affect the brake pads. Then, before jacking the car up, you have o loosen the lug nuts. If you fail to loosen them, the tendency is for the tire to spin around instead of the lug nuts being loosened.

After that, place the vehicle on the jack stands for the front tires to be off the ground. This need not be very high, just high enough for you to be able to remove your car’s front tires. Then carefully take the lug nuts and tires off the car and keep them in a safe place so that you don’t lose them! Keep the wheel out of the place and have them face up.

Then, remove the bolts that hold the brake caliper in place. Pull them away and you will be able to see the brake pads being kept in place by a bolt.


removing old brake pads

Unscrew the bolt and throw them away, and then check the brake rotor. If there are grooves present, remove them and replace them. But if they are still smooth and shiny, then there’s no more need for them to be replaced.

Apply the grease on the back of the brake pad and install it onto the brake brake caliper using the bolt or clips. Finally, reassemble your vehicle in the opposite order that you took it down. Then tighten the lug nuts with the use of torque wrench after you take the car off the jack stands.

There, you have successfully replaced you car’s brake pads! Just follow these steps everytime and you’re sure to be a pro in changing your brake pads! Remember, minor replacement and installments in vehicles need not be done by professional mechanics. This way, you not just save yourself some extra dollars but you also communicate with your car better, giving you the chance to know your car the best.