Train Horns Are Honking

As we cautiously approach a railroad crossing, there’s this primary signal that we are extremely vigilant for. No, this is not the red and green warning lights. I am talking about the sound that has been blaring over the railroads all across the country for over a century now. We all know this my fellow drivers; this is the sound of the train horn.

Now all along I thought that train horns are just for trains, right? Well I was wrong. You see friend of mine started to, from his own words, “pimp out” his old mini-vans with locomotive horns. It’s kinda cool you know, when he installed the horns onto his Chevy Astro. It looked vintage but with a twist. He said he would also install a megaphone and take the van to the Superbowl next year. It’s an awesome idea. Now imagine what the horns would like in a Ford F-150 on a stadium parking lot. Sweet.

Aside from the aesthetic value of train horns, these honkers do their work real good. A long sound blast could definitely gain the attention you need. Just be careful when and where to blast these horns. Better not cause inconvenience and attract unwanted attention.

I would like to do an installation myself and as soon as I do one, I’d post a tutorial here. I checked online and found this online store carrying super loud Train Horns. The site, offers free shipping on all purchases, so if ever you’re planning to get one better check out their website. I plan to get one just before New Year’s eve.


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