Addressing Auto Problems: How to Replace Your Auto Battery

In my previous posts on battery problems, I’ve discussed the many ways you can recharge your auto battery. But like all the rest of your vehicle components, your auto battery becomes prone to damages after long years of use. When you do decide to replace your auto battery, you’ll need to consider some things first.

Remember, different vehicle makes and models will require different batteries. Some of the basic variations you’ll find on the battery types available on the auto market include: their capacity to provide your various accessory items with power (accessory items like power windows, door locks, doors, different heating and cooling options, seat warmers and electronically adjusted seats), the amount of maintenance you’ll have to do to keep them working properly for a long time, and how they are mounted inside your vehicle.

To find out which battery types would work for your vehicle, don’t neglect to check your owner’s manual for its battery replacement recommendations. A reputable auto parts store or garage should also be able to give you a suitable replacement battery for your auto, even if you decide to go for another model than what’s listed in your owner’s manual.

Why You Shouldn’t Go for a Less or More Powerful Battery:

While it may seem tempting to either go for a more economical but less powerful battery, or to take a chance on a more powerful battery to liven up your ride, it’s best to stick with a replacement auto battery that has a similar capacity as your OE (original equipment) component.

If you go for a less powerful battery, then the power received by your auto will be considerably less than what it’s used to. Even if the underpowered battery provides sufficient power, its life span will be significantly shorter than your old battery’s.

While a more powerful battery on the other hand, will do little to improve your vehicle’s performance, not to mention how it’s probably a lot more expensive than the right replacement battery for you.

Steps on How to Install an Auto Battery:

Now that you have the right replacement battery for your vehicle, check out these easy steps on how you can install a new auto battery yourself.

Step #1: Conduct this procedure when your engine is cool. Don’t attempt to install a new battery immediately after a long trip. This will simply result in unwanted burns.

Step #2: Open your auto hood.

Step #3: Using a screwdriver or a similar tool, release the clamps securing your auto battery in place. Don’t force it, or you might end up damaging your auto’s clamps.

Step #4: Remove each cable from your current auto battery and remove your old battery.

Step #5: Set aside your old battery to safely dispose of it later.

Step #6: Using a rag or a brush, clean out your battery connections and cables. Make sure you remove traces of grime or debris to avoid corrosion or immediate damage on your new battery.

Step #7: Clean out the area where the battery is supposed to be mounted. The auto battery is usually mounted on the battery tray. Clean out this area completely using a small broom or a rug.

Step #8: Take your replacement battery and remove all stickers (advertising) and attachments.

Step #9: Place your new battery into the tray and reconnect the cables. Make sure all the connections are secure or your car won’t start.

Step #10: Make sure the front of your new battery is facing the front of your car. This would prevent you from reversing polarity.

Step #11: Tighten the clamps securing your auto battery. Once again, make sure that your connections are secure to avoid having problems starting your auto.

Step #12: Close your vehicle’s hood.

Step #13: Discard your old auto battery the right way. You can either take it to an automotive supply store, where they usually offer discounts or give you cash for your old battery, or you can take it to a recycling station for proper disposal.

Step #14: Try starting your auto. If your vehicle refuses to start, then you may have problems with your battery connections. Check if the connections are secure and look for any signs of corrosion. If there is corrosion on your cables, then carefully remove them and try starting your car again.


4 Responses to Addressing Auto Problems: How to Replace Your Auto Battery

  1. K. Mar says:

    Is it just me, or does step 14 really belong between steps 11 and 12?

  2. autofrankie says:

    Hello K. Mar, if you prefer to keep your hood open when trying to start your car, then it’s up to you. It’s completely fine. Maybe it’s a personal preference, or something done out of habit, but I usually attempt re-starting my car after closing the hood. If problems arise, I can always pop up the hood once again.. :)

    But good observation!

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