Car Maintenance 101 | Checking the Exterior: Looking at Your Vehicle’s Rear

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When checking your vehicle’s rear, you’ll want to get a good idea on the condition of your vehicle’s exhaust system. The following are some steps on how you can look for possible exhaust problems in your ride.

The Parts Bin| Automechanic

Step 1: Kneel down or bend down to effectively inspect the components below your vehicle’s back bumper.

Step 2: Check to see if there’s anything hanging down or loose. In most cases, it is the tailpipe that usually hangs down from vehicles.

Step 3: If all things seem normal, resume checking the rest of your vehicle. If not, proceed to step 4.

Step 4: If you find that there is something hanging down, and you’re not quite which vehicle part it is, check your owner’s manual or any other book or reference to check which part of your vehicle is in danger of falling off.

Step 5: If it’s your tailpipe or your exhaust pipe that’s coming loose, then you’ll either have to replace your muffler, or find a way to secure your exhaust pipe in its proper place. Save money by using an auto clamp to reattach the loose pipe before the whole assembly falls off.

Step 6: To secure your exhaust pipe, first find out the width of the pipe using a tape measure.

Step 7: Head on to a trusted auto parts provider and look for the right-size clamp.

Step 8: Reattach the exhaust pipe in its proper place. If the whole exhaust assembly, including your muffler, seems just about ready to fall off, then you might not be able to remedy the situation with a simple clamp. In this case, check out my previous entry on “Silencing the Noisy Muffler” to find out what to do about this problem.


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