Top Ten Common Problems: Reviving a Dead Battery with an Electrical Jump-Start Device

Extreme cold, just like leaving your car lights on for several nights, can wreak havoc to your car’s battery. A dead car battery can be such a hassle, especially if your battery gives out in the middle of nowhere, long past midnight.

When faced with this situation, the common solution is to find another vehicle and to use ordinary jumper cables to jump-start your battery. However, great innovations in the world of automobiles have allowed for a handier solution—one that won’t require another vehicle’s live battery to jump-start your car.

There are great car parts and truck accessories manufacturers that offer durable and dependable jump-start devices designed to make jump starting your car’s battery a lot easier. Each jump-start device is smaller than a car battery making it a lot more convenient to have around—at least compared to another vehicle’s live battery. True, the unit may be a bit heavy, but all jump-start units come with handles making them a little easier to lug from your house to your garage and back again.

Aside from no longer needing another vehicle to jump-start your battery, most jump-start units come with built-in cables, so you won’t need to bring your jumper cables every time you go out. All you have to do is recharge this device to make sure it has enough power to jump-start a dead battery.

Charge this device by simply plugging it into a regular wall socket and letting it charge overnight. After charging the device, you can now use it to jump-start your battery.

Although the exact instructions may differ depending on the jump-start device’s brand, the following should cover the basic steps on how to recharge a car battery using this handy device:

  1. Bring the device close to the vehicle
  2. Take the built-in cables and attach them to the right battery posts
  3. Allow the unit to charge your battery for a minute or two (or the time indicated in the device’s manual)
  4. Start your car to see if it works

Portable jump-start units or devices are usually priced between $70 and $100. Click on the link for discount auto parts.


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