Top 10 Common Problems: How to Fix a Soft Tire

One of the consistent causes of worry for drivers is the condition of their tires. After using the car on a regular basis, the tires have a tendency to lose air which results into a soft tire. Under extreme situations, the tires may eventually deteriorate further which will lead into a flat tire. The continued use of a soft tire may endanger the driver and the car itself. The driver can also check replacement tires from various online stores to fix the problem permanently.

For Soft Tires:

1. Fill the soft tire with much-needed air to return the tire’s condition to normal.

2. Inspect carefully the tire for any signs of puncture or other damage.

3. If you see any shards of glass or any sharp object that embedded in the tire, it must be removed immediately.

4. Once the first step has been accomplished, you have to check the tire regularly to see if it will soften after a short period of time.

5. If the tire softens up after a short amount of time, feel your hand on the tire to determine the exact location of where the air is escaping.

6. Once the location of the puncture has been located, a flat-fixing solution can be used on the tire until it can be bought to a local garage where it can be fixed.

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Traveling in excess speeds might be risky as the fixed tire may be sensitively prone to damage. When this occurs, pull over and check the tightness of the lug nuts or the condition of your tires. You can also check out new tires to replace your old one from any truck accessories store. Be sure to drive safe and be attentive to the road in order to avoid anything harmful to you and your vehicle.


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