Top 10 Common Problems: How to Replace the Headlights

The first thing that you should do to know whether your headlight isn’t functioning well is by knowing which one isn’t working properly. To do this, you simply need to turn on your headlights and check which one is dimmer. After doing that, you should check the manual whether you’ll need to replace the bulb only or the whole headlight system. Meanwhile, when buying car parts such as headlights you may want to check out the vast array of online stores out there.

After purchasing the most suitable headlight, here’s what you should do:

For Replacing the Full Headlight:

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  2. Most headlights are inside the engine compartment of your car so in order to get to it, you should open your car’s hood first.
  3. Once again you’ll be using your manual so you can locate where your headlight system is placed inside your car.
  4. Remove any nuts and screws and place them in a container which is easily accessible.
  5. Remove the headlight system and be careful not to throw it in your regular waste basket.
  6. Install the new headlight and don’t forget to the plug the old wires that you removed from your busted headlight.
  7. Put the screws and nuts then close your car hood.
For Replacing the Bulb:
  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 from the first section.
  2. Twist the black plastic ring that holds the bulb in place and be sure to do it carefully.
  3. Pull the bulb and its housing out from its assembly.
  4. Put the new bulb in the empty housing, reinstall the black plastic ring then close the hood.

Turn Signal Indicator Light

Now let’s move on to the turn signal indicator light and although it isn’t as big as the headlight, having it working in goodcondition wouldn’t hurt at all. If your car’s turn signal indicator light is already dead, here’s what you should do:

  1. Just like your headlight, you should first check your manual in order to get familiar with its specifications.
  2. Purchase the specific type that is stated in the manual from any car or truck accessories store.
  3. Open its assembly and if it’s a front indicator light you should open the hood whereas if it’s a rear light you should open the trunk.
  4. Unscrew the existing bulb and install the new one.
Remember to always be careful and read the instructions very well before repairing or replacing any car part or car add-on. For quality headlights, be sure to check out The Parts Bin. They have free shipping.


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