Top 10 Car Problems: How to Fix a Busted Car Alarm

We’ve tackled different car parts already and this time around, we will be dealing with the most common problems that every car owner has to deal with. First and foremost, your car’s safety is an integral part of your concern as a car owner and having a durable car alarm will always be of good help. However, things don’t always work the way they should for some reasons and when your car alarm starts malfunctioning you better be ready. Before you start looking for a replacement from a discount auto parts store, here are some troubleshooting tips I have for a car alarm that doesn’t work the way it should:

  1. Read the manual and see whether there are tips that can help you fix your car alarm woes.
  2. This may seem pretty obvious but your faltering car alarm might just need new batteries so better check it as well.
  3. If your car alarm remote control is not working properly, be sure that nothing impedes the radio waves between the car alarm and its remote control,
  4. Aim right. Yes you read that right, some remote controls are really sensitive so be sure that it’s aimed at the car alarm so it’ll work.
  5. If things still don’t work out, I suggest you seek a professional advice and consult your problem about your car alarm.
  6. If you can’t get an appointment with a professional, you can opt to temporarily disarm the alarm by:
    • Not turning it on
    • Switching off the alarm console
    • Removing the fuse that arms the alarm

Overall, knowing what to do to your vital car or even truck accessories such as a car alarm can save you not only money but more importantly valuable time.


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