How to keep them wiping clean

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Aside from the license, car know-how, complete auto parts, and the like, a good road vision is also very important before you hit the road. The high-powered headlights assembly is a given, but how about a smudge or dirt-laden windshield? If you do not have a good view of the path or what’s in front of you, how on earth would you manage to maneuver that car of yours? So, this is where a good set of wiper blades enters the picture to get rid of those nasty obstructions. Before these car components work their wonder, however, it is a must that these are in perfect condition.

Wiper blades, along with the water and washer pumps, keep your windshield spotless. These are very helpful especially in periods of rain or snow and in muddy roads. To achieve an obstruction-free windscreen, your wiper blades have to be sturdy enough. You do not have to be an auto mechanic genius like me to figure out if your wiper blades are good to go and hit the trash bins. Anyway, I think it is part of my responsibility as a mechanic to remind you of how to spot the inefficient wipers blades and what do about them. Here are some easy tips from yours truly.

Spot the wiper blades that are good to go:

1. They are starting to make an awful sound or two, like cracking or chattering.
2. You have been using them for half a year now or maybe more than that. Remember that everyday wear and tear plus exposure to all kinds of stuff can damage these too. Cracks and breaks are visible.
3. They look different as if they have been folded or something. Like the previous one, the good old weather causes some irregularities on these auto parts.
4. The blades simply cannot wipe your windshield clean.

When it comes to auto parts maintenance, you simply cannot ignore your wiper blades. You may not use them to make the vehicle work, but these components make driving a lot safer for you. So let go of those wiper blades that are simply not working anymore and get some good discount auto parts right away.


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  1. Nick Roberts says:

    I agree with everything you point out in this post. My wife wears her blades out a lot faster than I do; I think it is because she uses them to clean her windshield when it’s not raining. My theory is that wiping across the glass before the washer spray has wet down the glass causes abrasion which affects the edge of the wiper blade. I try to avoid doing this and will first wash the windshield at the gas station and then try to only turn the wipers on when there is water on the glass.

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