Failed emission test–not the end of your life on the road

Smoke belching vehicles definitely have no place in countries with high emission standards. The vehicles sold and used in these places that are under the umbrella of the European Union have to strictly comply with the high emission standards. Some states here in the America are close to following such rules as well. Of course, not all of us can go to a dealership and buy a new car with less noxious emissions, right? Do not fret if you failed an emission test or if your auto is guilty of emitting Carbon monoxide, Hydro carbon, and the like, because there are special auto parts that can help you pass that test.

I know several auto parts that can just do the trick and keep your vehicle emit less of those noxious gases. The first thing on my mind is the catalytic converter. Most of the latest models now are equipped with this component, but there are still some unfortunate cars like yours that are cat con-free. Catalytic converters are available in high-end shops as well as discount auto parts warehouses, it’s up to you and your pocket. Anyway, the cat con will be part of your vehicle’s exhaust system. Strategically installed right before the tail pipe, this component treats the engine’s exhaust fumes before it is released to the air we breathe. The cat con you’ll install will all depend on your car’s specifications. Another thing your auto can use is an oxygen sensor or a cold air intake. Both of these make sure that your engine does combustion efficiently. With a good combustion, there is lesser production of noxious gases.

It’s all up to you whether you like a cat con, a cold air intake, or an oxygen sensor for your smoke belching vehicle. If you ask me though, the catalytic converter is on top of my list and then if you get your next pay check, maybe you could give your car the other eco-friendly auto parts I mentioned. Once your ride is fully-geared, your vehicle can surely ace that emission test.


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  1. James says:

    We are willing to buy the old catalytic converters. The prices we pay for them will help when replacing the exhaust system parts.

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