Installing A Car Stereo

Car Stereo

Every time I drive down the road, I never fail to play Deep Purple’s “Highway Star.” The guitar riffs and the lyrics never fail to pump me up while driving. I know it’s some sort of a cheap thrill but it’s one of the things that makes driving for me really worth it. And that’s why my car stereo is one of the auto parts I can’t be without. It’s not as vital as the engine or the tires but it’s something that I would consider a “luxurious” necessity. You don’t need it, but you have to have it, which is why every car comes with one.

So in case your stereo bogs down, can it be replaced easily? Thankfully it can. All you need are the following items: The new stereo (duh!), wiring adapter kit, wire crimps, electrical tape, wire cutter, crimping tools and screwdrivers. Most shops that offer auto parts and discount auto parts carry these items. Once you’ve got all the materials needed in order, just refer to the steps below on how the installation can be done:

  • Remove the trim panels. These panels are screwed so don’t forget your trusty screwdriver.
  • Once the panels have been removed, gently pull out the stereo along with its mounting bracket. The coin tray located underneath the stereo might be end up being included during the removal of the bracket. You don’t need to remove it from its place.
  • Remove the stereo from the bracket by unscrewing its screws.
  • Now before putting in the new stereo, you’ll have to work on the wirings first. Use the wiring adapter (a plastic square or rectangular shaped object used to connect wires) to connect the wiring harness of the new stereo. To do this, you’ll need to remove part of the rubber installation of the wire. Using a stripping tool, take 1/4 inch of the end of the wire by clamping it and pulling the rubber away.
  • If your stereo has a ground wire (it’s a wire with a claw-like hand at the end), cut its connector and attach it to the adapter harness. If by chance your stereo doesn’t have a ground wire, you can just attach its claw-like hand to a screw under your stereo.
  • Before putting the new stereo in its place, make sure to test it. You wouldn’t want to take it apart again just because you found out that it’s not working.
  • After testing, attach the new stereo to the new bracket it came with and using the new screws.
  • Make sure the wiring harness of the stereo is plugged back in place before inserting the new stereo into its slot.

And you’re done! You can now cruise the streets while listening to your favorite tunes and block whatever outside noise there is, from the guy blowing his horn behind you or from the ranting of your wife (or husband) beside you.


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  1. Hello

    Actually there are many accessories which can be added to the car. As you mentioned in your post. From these accessories:

    Car Accessory, Auto Accessory, Billet Grille, Taillight, Headlight, Muffler, Exhaust tip, Gauge, Rear Spoiler Wing, Turn Signal Light, Bumper Light, M3 Mirror, Cold Air Intake, Header, Corner Light, Fog Light, HID Light, Side Marker Light, Cat Back Exhaust, Coil Over, Shifter knob, Dash kit, Racing Pedals, Damper, Rc car, Special Computer Accessory, hobbies.

    While the is one I think it is very important. Most people need it in their cars. It is car stereo!

    There are many smart tips should be taken into consideration when some one choose his car stereo. From these tips:

    1. Decks – Car stereos cannot function without a deck. A deck constitutes any piece of equipment ranging from cassette decks and CD players to MP3s and mini discs. The deck is considered the glue that holds the car stereo together. The deck controls the overall output of the sound and allows you to control the music being played. All car stereo decks have a minimum 4-channel output for your speakers. If you want more power than what your speakers alone can hold, you may want to consider purchasing an amplifier.

    2. Amplifiers – Amplifiers provide the power needed to blast the music in your car. The more powerful your amplifier is, the louder the sound system is going to be. An amplifier can have anywhere from 1 to 7 channels. The number of channels in your amplifier is the number of speakers you can hookup in a series circuit.

    3. Speakers – Speakers are where the sound from the stereo is emitted. Different types of speakers are designed to produce different frequencies. Higher frequencies provide the capacity for more sound and produce a higher level sound as well. The efficiency of the speakers is what will determine how far the sound will travel. If you want the sound to travel far, you will need speakers with a higher frequency.

    4. Subwoofers – Every high-tech car stereo system should have a subwoofer. Subwoofers complete the sound by providing high efficiency of low frequencies, through the bass. In other words, the subwoofer is the piece of equipment which makes the car vibrate. A subwoofer needs to be enclosed in either a box or possibly the trunk of your vehicle. Keep this is mind when budgeting the cost of your stereo system.

    I think these tips cover many of people requirements these days.

    Have a very nice day.


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