Tips In Checking Your Car’s Brake Fluid Level

Stop! Freeze! Halt! Don’t Move! Those are words used to tell you to literally stop moving and stay where you are. If you’re in your car and someone tells you to do that (most probably that friendly police officer who caught you speeding), you’ll need to hit your car’s brakes. To make sure that this part of your car stays in tip-top shape, brake fluids are used. Now how do you gauge if the brake fluid in your car is still clean and its level is in proper order? Check out the steps below.

  1. Open the hood and look for the master cylinder found in the driver’s seat near the firewall, under the windshield.
  2. Look for the caps and clean it first before opening. Some cylinders have two caps while some have one. If the cylinder cap comes with a metal bar on top of it, use a screwdriver or a flat bar to lift it before opening.
  3. If the brake fluid is up to the filler neck of the master cylinder then the level is okay. Make sure that it’s not full since the cylinder needs room to expand when heated.
  4. Check the color of the fluid. If it’s too dark, the rubber lines inside could be deteriorating due to heat and aging and should be replaced at once. These rubber lines are used by your front brakes and rear disc. If you do decide to replace them, you’ll end up losing the brake fluid in your cylinder. You can use this as an opportunity to replace the fluid with a new batch and clean the entire cylinder.
  5. During cleaning, make sure that the cylinder is free of dirt. The disc brakes in your car generate heat so before you start cleaning make sure it has cooled down. You can use a paper towel to clean it but just make sure you don’t leave any residue behind.

Always remember that aside from checking, your brake fluid needs to be replaced and replenished. Most dealers specializing in auto parts and discount auto parts carry these. And don’t forget to keep these basic tips in mind so that your car’s brakes will always be in top form.


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