Autofrankie News: The Ferrari 612 shooting brake by Vandenbrink

The Ferrari 612 by Vandenbrink (photo from

We see Ferrari cars as sleek, sexy, and contoured for extreme aerodynamics. Personally, contrary to arch nemesis Porsche’s SUV, I do not agree to the notion that it is time for Ferrari to follow this lead. A Ferrari is just not quite the same if it will come in a bigger, bulkier package. The same thing goes if it will have a sort of hatchback… But Vandenbrink convinced me otherwise. This photo tells it all, how Michiel B. van den Brink was able to think up of a way to integrate a hatchback into Ferrari’s tradition of aesthetically defined contours seamlessly. (It still has not gotten a nod of approval from the Italian boys though, so don’t get all excited.)

This shooting brakes concept for a Ferrari is highly agreeable—a very brave move for a famed designer. This two-door wagon is just as bad and jaw-dropping as other Ferraris, but it does not have the same edgy flair. But it will do, if Ferrari is really looking for a good design to make their vehicles reach a whole new level. So this gets a hats-off from Autofrankie, but I would like to hear what you guys think about this design. Do you think that Vandenbrink will be able to get the Italian boys to put the stallion marque in front of this concept?


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