Roll ‘em up, roll ‘em down

View from BMW windows

Imagine taking a ride downtown in your 2008 BMW 3-Series Coupe. You stop at a red light just when a hot chick happens to be strutting at the sidewalk. Naturally, she gave your smooth car a very coy once-over, as if waiting to discover the equally hot driver behind the wheels. So you take her cue, and controlled your power windows to reveal to her what her destiny looks like. Pretty smooth huh? This is all thanks to the very efficient BMW window regulator in the car. If the roster of BMW parts in the 3-Series is incomplete without this component, can you just imagine what a big loss you will incur to let that moment pass by?

Fear not, for this critical piece of metal assures that the power windows will work anytime it has to. The windows are very important components of the car. It lets the car occupants breathe in fresh air—whether air coming from the ac, or the fresh air outside. It makes the car friendlier and more appealing than, say, an armored vehicle with such little windows. With a car’s power windows, the carmakers understand that drivers must posses the power to completely control the car. Hence, the windows are not just a sheet of glass that was installed on car doors—they are actually the mirrors that allow us to appreciate being inside the car.

Compared to manual window regulators, power window regulators are expected to have a longer mortality. Especially for the ones that are crafted by BMW, drivers need not worry for any trouble. But in case the windows start to fail, find a high-quality window regulator replacement, and you’ll be good to go.


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