Keeping BMWs safe—the BMW brake pad sensor


The brake pad sensor

What makes the car a very safe thing to drive around with is its brake system. Imagine, how can the foot be able to stop a speeding car in case a pedestrian suddenly appears out of nowhere? It is incredible indeed, for a driver to have the power to control the car. For BMW drivers, they are lucky enough to experience a very efficient brake system. After all, it comes readily complete with BMW parts such as the brake pads, the rotors, and the calipers. Among the given parts, the brake pad is the one that is most likely to wear out at an early time. This is because the brake system needs the element of friction. Friction acts as the damper that allows stoppage. This, however, also causes the brake pad to wear out easily.

BMW is a carmaker that understands this, which is why they created the BMW brake pad sensor. This device is actually a wiring that is plugged onto the brake system, effectively determining whether or not it is time to replace the brake pads. Simple wonders that contribute a lot to the car’s safety huh? But when you think about it, this genius piece of component is nothing that BMW cannot think of.


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  1. One of the important systems that help achieve optimum safety in your BMW vehicle is the brake system. It is the system that provides the best stopping power in your car at the exact time. Without a reliable braking system, serious accidents are always inevitable. So to prevent this kind of scenario, it is imperative that you must always be aware of the working condition of your brake parts. Your brake system is made up of different parts and one of them is the brake pad which unfortunately can get worn out over time. So to ensure that your brake pads are always in best shape and condition, a BMW brake pad sensor is created.
    The BMW brake pad sensor is one of the innovative devices intended to determine whether it is time to replace the brake pads of your car. With this mechanism, you are able to save from car trouble and costly brake repair because you are promptly alerted whenever your brake pads are no longer efficient to use. Another advantage of installing a brake pad sensor in your BMW vehicle is that you don’t need to frequently check your brake pads for their pad thickness. So if your BMW is not equipped with brake pad sensor or the one employed begins to malfunction, don’t worry much. Today, plenty of replacement and aftermarket BMW brake pad sensor is now sold in the market and online stores so you can easily find the best equipment for your car.

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  2. Its important to also replace your brake pads when replacing the sensors. Usually the brake rotors need also to be replaced as well. Otherwise your brakes may make noise.

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