Causes of Overheating

November 28, 2007

auto mechanic|radiators

One of the frustrating and even infuriating situations a driver may encounter is overheating. When the engine overheats, the vehicle can not go any longer; delaying to arrive in the destination. Worse is leaving the driver or passengers stranded at the side of the road.

When this happens, it is better to inspect some parts to easily identify that the cause of the vehicle problem is overheating.

1. When the radiator leaks, it must be repaired. Though stopping the leak may help, it will fall short overtime.

2. If there are water leaks, several factors can cause this problem like loose-fitting radiator petcock, cheap or faulty hoses, leaky heater hoses, bad water pump and a leaky radiator.

3. After a while, a radiator cap will not work as well as the gasket. The part may be cracked and therefore needs replacement.

4. The radiator hoses with coiled wire inside may collapse when the components are old.

5. Though the coolant seems to work properly, there could be a problem with its operation especially when it circulates through the car engine. When this happens, you must fill the auto radiator while the engine is running. But remember to do this before the engine reached to a very hot temperature.