Maintaining the Quality of Jeep Wheels

Rough road conditions can certainly affect the performance of your jeep. Getting into a great mud, for instance, can cause your jeep a lot of trouble. Your various jeep parts can suffer serious damages if some harmful elements enter the system. After some time, you may experience a forceful unsteady movement from someplace in the power train of your vehicle. This shaky movement can indicate three things. First, the tremble may be a result of a twisted jeep wheel. Second, one of the wheel balancing weights might be bumped off on the track. Lastly, the unsteady movement might be due to a mud that was jammed to one of your wheels.

Driving through a road with terrible condition has, beyond doubt, a lot of downsides. In fact, many of the problems that jeep owners complain of started with a simple mud being trapped to one of the most important jeep parts, the wheels. On the other hand, driving through a pile of dirt is something that is so difficult to avoid. Whether you like it or not, your automobile has to go through a lot of mud battles throughout its existence. All you can do to at least prevent it from being damaged is to clean it right after each tough-road drive. So here are some tips on giving your jeep some pampering that will help maintain its performance after a long day of mud exposure:

ü Don’t hesitate on spending a few dollars to give your jeep a high pressure spray. While the mud on your jeep wheels are still soggy, have it immediately cleaned.

ü If the high pressure bath is not effective, it means that your jeep obtained a more serious damage. This should not cause you to panic though. What’s needed here is just a MAJOR cleansing of the lower portion of your jeep. There might be a deposit of impure substances on the wheels and hubs. So start a full-blown cleaning.


jeep on rough road

ü Your major cleaning should start with taking the jeep wheel off. Afterward, you can scrub the inside of the jeep wheel. Make sure to do away with any substance stuck to it.

ü Check your tires and wheels carefully. The mud experience might have caused certain damages to the tires and wheels. Look for cracks, pierces, bends, and scratches.

ü Beware of rocks that might have been left on your wheels and tires. These elements may eventually cause your tires to be deflated.

ü Having finished cleaning the hubs, tires, and wheels of your jeep, you can then put the wheels back in place.

After thoroughly cleaning your jeep wheels, you may notice that your jeep is a lot lighter. The stack of mud that was trapped in your wheels causes vehicle imbalance. This is one of the causes of jeep defects that you need to keep away from. So always remember that though you can never stay away from rough road conditions, you can always maintain your jeep’s quality by pampering it with meticulous cleaning.


3 Responses to Maintaining the Quality of Jeep Wheels

  1. Hi AutoFrankie. I think I may have a twisted Jeep wheel, as it’s displaying the symptoms you’ve described. How serious can this be if left unrepaired? I just can’t afford any major work right now!

  2. autofrankie says:

    It would be real serious especially for off-roading. Wheel Alignment is the only solution for this. Unfortunately, you may need to shed about $80 – $120 for this.

  3. heather says:

    wheels are very important on jeeps. you can find some awesome wheels for your jeep at . thats where i got mine and i am in love whith them. they were priced really well too!

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