Air Filter Replacement

The air filter of your Nissan takes a very important part in preventing your automobile from sending out discharges that are harmful to the environment.  Without this air intake device, the engine system will not be able to release clean air.  The role of the Nissan air filter is to sift air elements that enter the system.  This also helps prevent the walls, cylinders and pistons of the engine from being damaged.  In addition, this vital Nissan part helps in keeping the crankcase and the airflow sensor clean by catching pollutants like water vapor, fuel, and oil.

Since Nissan air filters perform significant tasks in the operation of your vehicle, its defect will certainly adversely affect your Nissan car’s performance.  The usual problem that motorists encounter is a congested air filter.  When your Nissan air filter is clogged, there is a large tendency that the gas mileage of your car will suffer.  Moreover, you Nissan car will lose some of the power it needs whenever its air filter becomes congested.  In view of these, it is important that you have a defective air filter replaced right away.  But in doing so, be sure to exactly follow the proper steps.  Wrong replacement procedure can only make the condition of your Nissan worse. 

Step 1: Carefully open the housing of your air filter.

Safely open the Nissan hood and look for the housing of the air filter. Usually, the housing is case made of black plastic.  Its sides are filled with clips made of metal.
Turn these metal clips downward. There are some cases that the clips are fastened too tight.  If this happens, you’ll just need a screwdriver to help you open the housing.

Moreover, remember that there are housings that contain nuts that cling to them.  If you choose to take away the nuts on top of the housing, just be certain that you do not lose them.   They are still needed in installing the new air filter.

Step 2: Take the old Nissan air filter away.

The position of the air filter in the housing is very important.  It will determine whether or not your air filter will function effectively.  Therefore, before you remove the old air filter, you need to remember its exact position in the housing.  After you took careful notice of the filter placement, gently remove the old Nissan air filter.

Step 3: Properly set up the new Nissan air filter.

Now try to remember the exactly how the old filter rests on the housing.  Place the new Nissan air filter in a position exactly the same as that of the old one. 

You’re probably thinking that air filter replacement is very easy, and yes it is!  It’s as easy as these three simple steps. However, removing an old filter and setting up a new one would not be effective enough if you do not know how to do it the right way. 


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