2007 Lexus GX 470: A Great Blend of Comfort and Tough Performance


Lexus, the luxury division of Toyota Motor Corporation, looks into the mind of a vehicle owner in this ultra-modern world we are living in. That is why it continues to produce vehicle models that perfectly fit the needs of many motorists. One of these latest vehicle models of Lexus is the 2007 Lexus GX 470. Initially intended for use of families that are always on the go, this Lexus automobile is engineered to have a sense of balance between comfort and performance.

a great adventure vehicle

Auto Mechanic blog knows that learning some facts about vehicles will, without doubt, significantly assist vehicle owners in their efforts to maintain the condition of their automobiles. So for the many adventure-seeking, relationship-oriented vehicle owners, this article will definitely be a great help.

The GX 470 Model of Lexus

Intended exclusively for North American consumers, this mid-size sport utility vehicle was first released as a 2003 Lexus model in November 2002. The Lexus GX 470 boasts of both a tough exterior and a comfy interior. The exterior of this sport utility vehicle has a framed body similar to those of armed and commercial trucks. It has features such as dual-speed transfer and locking center differential that are important factors in maintaining the durability of the automobile. Its interior, on the other hand, is rather the opposite. Spacious, calm and comfortable are the main attributes of the inside of the Lexus GX 470. With leather seats and a number of technologically advanced on-board entertainment gadgets, passengers certainly find pleasure in every long drive.

The Improved Infotainment System of the 2007 Lexus GX 470

Lexus must have been so proud of the enhancements made on the 2007 version of the Lexus GX 470. With the desire to keep automobiles abreast with the changing needs of motorists, Lexus squeezed out all possible means of improving the entertainment and information features of the 2007 Lexus GX 470. In view of that, the 2007 version is equipped with up-to-the-minute DVD structure that includes a 9-inch monitor that has a wide format. In addition to that, music players like iPods can be conveniently connected to the entertainment system of the vehicle through input jacks.

Lexus GX 470 Infotainment System

A Powerful Adventure Vehicle

– Power: 196 kW, 263 HP SAE @ 5,400 rpm; 323 ft lb, 438 Nm @ 3,400 rpm

– 4,664 cc 4.7 liters V 8 front engine with 94 mm bore, 84 mm stroke, 10 compression ratio, double overhead cam, variable valve timing/camshaft and four valves per cylinder 2UZ-FE

– 23 gallon main premium unleaded fuel tank

– Multi-point injection fuel system

– Premium unleaded fuel 91

For an adventure-seeking vehicle owner to completely enjoy his road trips, his automobile must always be in an optimum running condition. For that reason, the outstanding road performance offered by the 2007 Lexus GX 470 is what he needs. This luxury vehicle will definitely not turn its back on the challenges of traveling on rough terrain. It boasts of Lexus parts and systems that make certain its capability to run smoothly in any condition.

Asking proof of this automobile’s power? Get anything as heavy as 6,500 pounds and make this luxury automobile do the pulling. Indeed, this is not impossible with a power as brawny as 196 kW, 263 HP SAE @ 5,400 rpm; 323 ft lb , 438 Nm @ 3,400 rpm. Moreover, the automatic transmission of this vehicle endows drivers with more improved gearing.

For a Safe and Quiet Drive

Another great thing about this automobile is the excellent performance of the Lexus brakes. Having sound brakes is very important in every drive. If a vehicle owner is on a road rip with his family, the safety of the drive would be the most essential thing for him. With brakes that are easy to control, the vehicle owner can somehow be assured of smooth and safe stopping slowing down during the trip.

Though tough on the exterior and the performance, the 2007 Lexus GX 470 is guaranteed to run as quietly and smoothly as possible through its 4,664 cc 4.7 liters V 8 front Lexus engine. The sound of this sport utility vehicle will not give a hint that it is actually running at high speed.

These are just some of the things that can be learned about the 2007 Lexus GX 470. As a whole, it is a wonderful combination of tough, rugged exterior and cozy interior. This great blend can make a vibrant vehicle owner truly satisfied.

*Specs by http://www.automobilemag.com/am/2007/lexus/gx470/specifications.html



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