What Can Cause a Dead Auto Battery?

Like the little toys you used to play with, your automobile is also operated by the mighty device famously known as battery. You know very well that your battery-operated robot will certainly not walk, move its arms from side to side, and produce peculiar sounds if its battery is not properly charged. The same is true for your vehicle. When your auto fails to start, one of the first things you will think of is that the vehicle’s battery is already dead. Your jeep parts will not be able to start operating if your jeep has no battery.

Importance of Auto Battery

Since your vehicle won’t start without it, it can be claimed that the battery is truly an indispensable device in the operation of the automobile. The battery of your vehicle is essential primarily because it supplies a short-term power to start the engine and to enable other auto accessories to work even if the engine is turned off. It is in fact a support since the system composed of the voltage regulator and the alternator is the one that supplies the electrical force needed to run your vehicle.


battery of an automobile

Death of the Auto Battery

The mighty battery that fulfills an important task in the operation of your vehicle also has an end. Its power also has a limit that is why you encounter some instances wherein your car does not start because the battery has no more charge.

Unlike human beings, a dead battery can be revived. That’s why you have no reason to cry over a dead batt. For you to know the ways of restoring the life of your battery, you must first recognize the causes of its death. Here are two sample cases that may lead to the death of the battery:

1. Very excited for the party of your friend, you hurriedly parked your Nissan car. Before you locked the door, you failed to turn off one of the vital Nissan parts – the headlights. Throughout the party, the headlights of your car were turned on. The following day, you were surprised that your Nissan failed to start because your battery is discharged.

2. The battery of your jeep was already very old. It had been serving your vehicle for more than 6 years. One day, your jeep did not start. You thought that something was wrong with your jeep parts, but in truth the battery was the cause of the failure of your jeep to start.

Batteries are expected to last only for about three to five years. Beyond that, you must get a new one for your vehicle.


These are just two of the day to day experiences you encounter as a motorist. Other stuff like wobbly cables connected to the battery, out of order charging system, and a substandard interior lamp can also lead to the death of the battery. So the next time that your Nissan car fails to start, do not blame all your Nissan parts. Your battery probably just lost its energy.



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  1. Dorothy says:

    I just received used car from Japan which had been on board ship for one month. I am having problems with starting my car when it rests for sometime, despite turning off all systems, and I am using other batteries to start it. What should I do to rectify the problem?

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