Remove Car Odor in Easy Steps

It’s really a bother if you get into your Nissan car, start the engine, turn on the radio for music, switch on the air conditioning system for a cool ride, and bang! You are suddenly welcomed by an awful smell! You think twice, you check the soles of your shoes, check almost every inch of your Nissan ride and you find nothing. Then it gradually becomes apparent that the only culprit left for that offensive smell is your own Nissan AC condenser. Great! Now you have to drive with the windows down just to be able to breathe in fresh air. You cannot do anything about it as of the moment as you’re already running late as it is. But you have one thing in mind though, you are sure to get rid of that smell yourself as soon as you can.

In that case, if you’re so determined to do the ‘smelly’ job yourself, then let these steps guide you into your getting-rid-of-that-nasty-smell quest.


First things first. If your air conditioning system setting is set to “intake from the outside,” then that may be the problem. Check around your vehicle, and if you see a nasty looking “something” or if you happen to pass through a chemical factory (which rarely happens anyway) or perhaps there is just too much air pollution outside, then you know why you are “enjoying” that dreadful smell. Simply turn your air conditioning off or put its setting to “re-circulate’” and voila, you get your problem solved in no time at all.

To avoid experiencing this again, be sure to keep the setting that way and also keep the coolness to just regular setting. This is because constantly putting it on maximum can leave odor-causing moisture in the system. But if you really insist on setting it to the maximum cool, then be sure to tone it down a bit before you turn off the car. This way, the drying out of the system and the forming of mildew are prevented.

Another quick way is to spray Lysol or any air freshener directly into the vents around the windshield area of the car. Then change the AC setting into “intake from the outside” and leave it at that until you’ve run at least tow miles. After which set, it back to “re-circulate.” The air from the inside is now stronger and thus will flush the Lysol through the system.

Then, on your next oil change or tune up (whichever comes first), be sure to replace your Nissan air filter. The dust, dirt, stagnant waters, and other air pollutants that have accumulated on the air filter may contribute to the car odor.

Lastly, what you could do to keep your Nissan vehicle and its Nissan parts clean and free from nasty odors is to buy a spray that gets rid of the odor and at the same time purifies the air. If you want, you can also get the spray types specifically made for the air conditioning and heating system in vehicles. You just have to spray this directly into the exterior air intake vents as well as inside the air conditioning vents in order to eliminate the car odor.

There you have it folks! Easy steps toward nice and fresh-smelling vehicles!



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