How Do I Fix a Busted Door Handle?

The other day, my neighbor was near to becoming hysterical because she couldn’t open the door of her car, and she was already an hour late for a meeting. There was a problem with the door handle, and she couldn’t figure out how to fix the hitch. Funny, isn’t it? Well, it’s absurd that simple automotive hang-ups like it can actually ruin our day. So to avoid those annoying encounters, it’s good to know the basics of repairing simple problems with auto parts such as a busted door handle.

Removing the Door Handle

Removing the Old Door Handle

When the door handle of your car is no longer functioning well, the first thing you have to do is do away with it. So can you take away the out-of-order door handle on your own? Yes, you can! Doing it is fairly easy. The first thing you have to do is open the door of your car. Make certain to leave the car window up. Then, loosen the screw on the end of the door. Thrust the handle to the front of the vehicle, and then drag the side of the handle to the back. Afterwards, abruptly ditch the front side.

Temporary Fix

After removing the door handle, you can temporarily patch it up. But, you’ll need a glue gun for this. Make sure that it’s hot. Spread over some glue to the tip of the plastic covering surrounding the metal arm of the door handle. Allow it to dry for a few minutes. When it’s already dry, it’s time to re-assemble the handle. Remember that you need to bend the handle a little to get it back in shape.

For a short-term repair, this process will do. Just bring the car to the repair masters when you already have the luxury of time and…money.



10 Responses to How Do I Fix a Busted Door Handle?

  1. Sport Cars says:

    Yeah such issues sometimes disappoints, peoples can solve it by himselfs if they are not so lazy as me :)

  2. autofrankie says:

    Lol. Actually, some people do come up to me with their door handle problems. All I could do is shake my head. Well, this post is for all of them…

  3. Al Rainville says:

    1988 Lincoln Town car, outside dirver side door, inside works, have ordered door handle. Thanks, Al.

  4. autofrankie says:

    Ok Al. As far as I know, the Lincoln Town’s door handle has 2 metal latches. Installation may require extra effort as we all know the Lincoln has very sturdy body… Nevertheless, its just a matter of replacement so just ease out the defective handle and hard screw the new one.

  5. jennifer says:

    Broken drivers side door handle (outside) on older (89) Nissan PU– I have the part, but installing it is a %#$%#– any help? I haven’t been able to get the door panel completely off, but have untacked the bottom so am sticking my head up through panel (quite a sight, really)… Have screwed in the new handle, but can’t seem to get the mechanism in place to work the lever… I’m guessing (from feel only) that I need to slide the small bar that comes off the handle into a slot to push a lever down… I’d really appreciate a PICTURE if anyone has one so I can get a mental image. Working by feel only in the dark! Help!

    -An “only when absolutely necessary” closet mechanic.

  6. autofrankie says:

    Jennifer there are many considerations to be made. Does it have a bell crank? It all actually depends on the handle assembly. So if you happen to have a photo you may wanna send it here so I can have a visual on what your assembly looks like. For now, I suggest you do try to find that slot where the handle does fit. Once its in its proper place, Im sure the handle would work.

  7. Allison says:

    The outside handle to my car door broke off when I tried to open a door that was iced shut. I think it would be pretty easy to glue back on, but do you think it would hold? Do you know of any glue that would work best?

  8. Sherri says:

    I am trying to put a door handle on a 1988 GMC S15 truck and I am not sure where the rod is suppose to go, can’t see and am trying to do it but feel. Help!

  9. autofrankie says:

    Hi Sherri, I suppose you’re talking about the linkage rod, right? The linkage rod should run from the door handle to your vehicle’s latch mechanism. this can get pretty tricky. Do you remember how you removed your door handle the first time?

  10. autofrankie says:

    Hi Allison, while gluing your auto door handle back on can be pretty effective for some time, it’s bound to fall off again… I suggest you replace your outside handle instead :)

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