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Have oldsmobile 88, replaced the front struts and all components surrounding (ball joints, tie rod ends, etc). One side is fine, the other has a negative camber (tilted inward towards engine). What causes this during the installation, and how do I align the strut properly when reinstalling new ones? I guess I got lucky on the first side. I installed the old strut coils on the new struts…
Any advice appreciated…
Thanks in advance!

dk4 (original post on Frankie’s Garage, August 17th)

Hello there dk4! It’s great to hear from you. Well, here are some of the stuff I can share with you. You need wheel alignment every time you change suspension components.You don’t need to be an expert to know this. Bring it to a computerized wheel alignment shop. It usually costs $50 for front wheels and 75-80$ for 4.

Another option would be to do it the old fashion way. There was a shop years ago that made it with a special ruler. There was only 1 guy who knew how to do it. With no computer. you can try and do it on you own. It will take some attempts. In my shop, we had such ruler. I spent around 3 hours to do it. So, I gave up and brought it to a tire specialist who was able to finish the task in 20 minutes. Better click here for suspension kits.

I hope this helps, so it’s all up to you now. As I say, everyone can be a mechanic…



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