Jeep Saves the Environment

Catalytic converters are Jeeps’ best bet for protecting the environment. As the automaker still doesn’t have a hybrid vehicle, the spreading trend now if automakers want to go green, they compensate by offering their customers a catalytic converter. Mother Nature has already become its friend as Jeeps are made to tread the great outdoors. Thus, it’s just natural for them to take care of the environment.

The Jeep catalytic converters transform carbon monoxide emissions into carbon monoxide before Jeeps breathe it out of its tailpipe. But if you own a Jeep that uses leaded gasoline, then forget about installing a catalytic converter in your vehicle. They would do more harm than good as it would only result to catalyst poisoning.


Catalytic Converter

Aside from transforming the carbon monoxides in to carbon dioxides, the catalytic converters also make sure to burn unburned gasoline so that they do not go out as harmful emissions. In their best working conditions, the catalytic converters could decrease backpressure, maximize the gas mileage and increase performance.

You ought to make sure that this device is always working properly. Always be alert for the symptoms of a broken catalytic converter. When this becomes broken, you could easily see symptoms like a crack which could splinter the filtering materials inside. When that happens, it would create a lot of noise and diminish the vehicle’s efficiency. Even drivers could feel that there would be a difference in their driving performance.

Thus, be sure to check it regularly as you don’t want to be driving with more harmful emissions due to your broken catalytic converter.


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  1. We buy the bad catalytic converters and give top dollar for them.

  2. Jim Kitterman says:

    And……..has stolen 11 coverters from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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