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Hey Frankie,

Just wanna know your take on my Wrangler Rubicon with a soft top. I want to do all the kinds of maintenance especially for the bumper because of the heavy duty use its undertakes every time I do off-roading. What can I do more? Thanks man, I’d really appreciate your help.

Kyle, CA

First of all,  I think I should tell you all about the basics of the Jeep first—it is specifically designed to become a military utility vehicle. No surprise there I know, but you see, it’s in its nature as a military utility vehicle to be a tough, all-purpose, heavy duty ride. So if you keep your Jeep Parts looking all shiny and prim—I think your doing it all. As for the bumper, the only maintenance tip I could give are these.

Jeep Bumper

Kyle’s sweet 4×4

  • For simplicity’s sake, always keep the bumper dirt free by the end of the day. Make sure that any external elements that might block the grille—mud, rust,  grimes, leaves and all dirt, are cleaned up.
  • Bumpers might loosen after some time. Bring the toolbox and tighten every nut and bolts so as to keep the Jeep Bumper tight. Otherwise, it might just fall off.
  • Always keep a replacement. Although they are designed to withstand gritty usage, bumpers might be corroded on the inside. There are certain online OEM Jeep Bumper dealers that gives free shipping.

Well Kyle, there aren’t much maintenance for bumpers. Just keep them clean and tight. If they are going bad, replace them. After all, bumpers are the first line of defense against impact.


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  1. Metal bumpers are essential for off road cars. Metal bumpers work wonders in a parking lot too, for anyone trying to back up into you, they will be the one affected with a major dent. =)

  2. autofrankie says:

    well said, Paintless Dent Removal. lolz

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