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How can the countless shops selling OEM products ’round town all run out of car parts? Has New Jersey consumed all the world’s automobile components? It’s so hard to get the right automobile parts nowadays you’d almost think it’s a conspiracy.

Take for example my friend/neighbor Jesse. His Acura Integra began losing its power steering efficiency and naturally, one would think a few chugs of fluid will fix it. He bought a bottle and poured it over, drove a 3 kilometers and returned with a frown. The steering went ok for about the second kilometer then suddenly went stiff the rest of the way. He parked it in front of the house and diagnosed the problem. The Power Steering Pump has gone bad. Sure enough, there is a puddle of oil on the pavement to prove it.

Soon the hunt is on. He called our trusted shops for a replacement but there is none available. After scouring town after town, Jesse lost his patience and locked the car in his garage. OEM parts have to be ordered first from factories outside the city limits before they are displayed in auto shops. Ordering may even take 3 to 5 business days.

Now here’s where I came in. The Internet provides a vast selection of aftermarket parts via websites and blogs. Upon clicking the online forms, your order is generated instantly. A phone call will be made for confirmation after which all you have to do is sit and wait. My friends at delivered the Power Steering Pump in just a day.

LINKS to Auto Parts

Constant in my every post, visitors such as you will be given links to various websites which I feel would be most helpful. These sites I’ve known to deliver the best service. I personally use them for ordering hard to find car parts.


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