Avoid Rip Offs!

It’s all too common of a scenario. Billowing smoke coming out of the hood as the motorist shouts panic all over the place. Quick to the rescue is the ever reliable mechanic. After brief observation, he starts weaving toolbox magic… or so you think. Fixing the car no avail, he concludes that it needs to be towed and brought to the repair shop. It’s all downhill from this moment on.

As we all know, not all auto mechanics are honest. After all, they are businessmen. Although it may seem that their doing their best just to help you with an ongoing problem, many will try to juice out the most out of your pocket. I should know, I was a victim before.

Auto Mechanic’s Tips

1. Ask for recommendation
Avoid finding service in the Yellow Pages. Never follow the advice of the tow truck driver: you’d be surprise to know that some these guys run a network of money making schemes.

2. Document the Estimate
It is better to get a repair estimate in writing before the work starts to get complicated. This way, there would be an established understanding between you and the repair shop.

3. Diagnosis against Symptoms
Here lies the scam. At first, the mechanic will tell you that its only a simple component gone bad. But as soon as the repairs proceed, he will suddenly tell you several distorted facts. The spark plugs suddenly need change or the calipers have gone haywire. Be attentive about the details because if you don’t, its you and your car that will suffer.

4. Ask for Warranty
Although not all shops have this service, some do give out minimum warranty.

5. Keep all Paperwork
Orders, invoices and notes of conversations must be kept. If there is a problem down the road and you do have to seek restitution, you will need them.

These simple guidelines will save you from the hassle of shedding out more than the actual amount. Experience has taught me to be more careful in trusting your precious car to seasoned mechanics. Also, I believe that you yourself is the best mechanic. After all, nobody knows your car better than you.


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